Amitriptyline and Alcohol

Amitriptyline and alcohol don’t mix well together. You should avoid alcohol while taking Amitriptyline, since it might increase existing Amitriptyline side effects and you also risk specific alcohol related side effects. This is especially important the first 4-5 weeks, while you assess your general reaction to Amitriptyline in regards to side effects. Several of your Amitriptyline side effects will be even worse when you drink alcohol.

Amitriptyline and Alcohol

What could you expect if you mix Amitriptyline and alcohol?

If you choose to drink alcohol while taking Amitriptyline, the side effects you should consider is increased drowsiness, lowered co-ordination and increased effect of the alcohol. You should definately not drink more than the recommended daily limit and the absolute best is not to drink at all. Alcohol affects your body in so many ways negative for your body and it may very well affect the way Amitriptyline works with your body in unknown ways. Amitriptyline and alcohol just don’t mix well.

If you want to have a glass of wine or a beer with your dinner, it shouldn’t be a problem. Just remember that while your blood alcohol might be below the legal limit, the increased drowsiness from the Amitriptyline and alcohol combination might make you unsuited to drive. If you’re planning on drinking a glass of wine when using Amitriptyline, let the car stay at home.

Another thing to remember is that alcohol might increase depression, the reason why some might take Amitriptyline is to prevent depression. This is especially the case while drinking and the day after alcohol intake. Amitriptyline and alcohol should be avoided, just like Amitriptyline and pregnancy.

No matter if you’re currently taking Amitriptyline or not, your alcohol consumption should be in a responsible and adult matter. Amitriptyline and alcohol goes together in a poor way, but alcohol and children is even worse.

If you experience amitriptyline side effects you’re uncertain of, contact your local medical service. If you’ve mixed Amitriptyline and alcohol and experience related problems, contact your local medical service. This site only offers advice and should not be used instead of professional healthcare. Make sure to contact them about your questions regarding amitriptyline and alcohol.

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